Success Signs Support Good Character in Our Community!

Join Us! Get A Success Sign For Your Storefront Or Front Lawn! $20

Success Signs Dot The Landscape of Big Bend Golf Course!

25177 Foundation's                           11th Annual Golf Tournament                 Big Bend Golf Course in Saint Albans


Thanks to Walt Hall for posting our success signs at the golf tournament!  It's great to have another partner supporting good character in our community!

Saint Albans Chamber of Commerce Lends Support!

Thanks to Valerie Little and Emily Wall of the Saint Albans Area Chamber of Commerce for saying yes!  The Saint Albans Success Club loves having another of our success signs posted in the Saint Albans community!

Cultivating good character in our community takes all of us!

Success Signs Help Everyone To Better Navigate the Roads of Life!

The Alban Elementary Success Club students decided that they wanted to teach the world the success strategies that have made such a big difference in their lives.  So, they started with their own West Virginia community.  At a recent meeting, the kids decided to make success signs and to place them at schools, parks, playgrounds, churches, and businesses.  A $250 award donation from Toyota Motor Manufacturing made that dream come true!  Initially, 16 success signs were made and placed throughout the area-- teaching kids and adults the strategies that will help them better navigate the roads of life.


  • Dream big!  Work hard!
  • Respond with respect!
  • Stand up!  Stand out!
  • Give effort, not excuses!
  • Go the extra mile!
  • Make no small plans!
  • Always keep your word!
  • Use your time wisely!
  • Cultivate good habits!


The students went out into the community to find places for the signs.  They started with their Saint Albans mayor and city council.  Then they moved on to schools, churches, and businesses. They also sought out good citizens who would sponsor the cost of a sign.  Like Aesop taught: Little by little does the trick!  The message about good character is spreading one kid at a time, one success sign at a time!

Will, Lindsey, Mattie, and Jack hold a few of the club's success signs.

New Success Sign for Saint Albans High School


Alban Success Club member, Connor, holds the sign for his favorite success strategy, Make no small plans!  Connor and his family are the sponsors for this sign that will inspire future generations of high school students for years to come.  Way to lead, Connor!


A new Success Club will begin at Saint Albans High School in the fall of 2013!

Success Students Meet

With Saint Albans Mayor

Dick Callaway


Alban fifth grade students William, Connor, and Lindsey meet with Mayor Dick Callaway to prepare for their interview with reporter Ben Calwell from Charleston Newspapers.  The mayor has supported the character education initiative of the Alban Success Club by donating 8 more success signs that were placed around town!

Success Club Students

Give Success Signs

To The City of Saint Albans


Success students Lindsey, Connor, and William give Saint Albans Mayor Dick Callaway four success signs for posting at municipal buildings.  The mayor was happy to help the students spread positive character messages around town!

Success Signs Seen Around Town On The Saint Albans Landscape

4 Brothers Deli on Historic Main Street           Supports Good Character!


Saint Albans business owner, George Ferrell, said yes when the Success Club asked him to display a success sign in his Main Street store window!  Thanks, Ferrell Brothers, for supporting good character in our community!  

Chandler's Floor Covering                                   Joins Our Good Character Campaign!


Eddie Chandler, owner of Chandler's Floor Covering in Saint Albans, called to ask for three success signs!  He is the first business owner to call and ask for success signs!  We were thrilled!  Eddie put one in the storefront window, one at the rear entrance of the store, and one in the front yard of his residence. Store employee, Lisa, is shown here holding the sign that went in the storefront window on Olde Main Plaza. Lisa-- along with store owners Eddie and Patty Chandler-- support what the kids in the Success Club are doing.  They like seeing the success signs all over town.  Thanks, Eddie, Patty, and Lisa!  And, way to go, kids!

Mayberry's Restaurant Always Says Yes!


Lisa Driggs, owner of Mayberry's in Saint Albans, has been saying yes to the Success Club for two years! She proudly displayed our first success sign in January 2013, and she said yes again in May 2014 to a success sign for her storefront flower bed.  Thanks, Mayberry's, for your support of good character in our community!

Harless Printing Contributes                             For The Common Good!


No one exemplifies good character and integrity like Harriett Harless!  Harless Printing has been a part of the Saint Albans community for over sixty years and always contributes for the common good! Success Club member, Meg, proudly gives Harriett a success sign to display in her storefront window.  Thanks, Harriett and family, for partnering with us in this important scommunity endeavor!

Success Signs Posted At Schools, Churches, and Businesses

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company

Buffalo, West Virginia


Our first success sign went to Toyota in appreciation of their $250 award donation to support the work of the Alban Success Club!  They chose the success sign Respond with respect! for their lobby so that everyone could see it... and live by it!  Thanks, Toyota!

Kanawha County Schools

Central Office

Charleston, West Virginia


Former Alban principal, Jane Roberts, put this Dream big! Work hard! sign on the door of her office.  Jane is now the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools for Kanawha County Schools.  Thanks, Jane!

Alban Elementary School

Saint Albans, West Virginia


Alban is the place where the success sign initiative began!  The Success Club was founded here in 2009, and the first success sign was placed here in 2012!  Alban kids are remarkable leaders who know how to give for the common good! 

Mayberry's Restaurant 

Saint Albans, West Virginia


Success students Brandi and Lindsey pose with the newly posted success sign at Mayberry's Restaurant in Saint Albans.  This is the 23rd success sign posted in the community!

Saint Albans High School

Saint Albans, West Virginia


Saint Albans High School Vice Principal, Dale Glancy, posted the success sign donated by club member Connor and his family!  It is located on the first floor of the school, just across from the library. Vice Principal Glancy is the father of Alban Success Club student, Taylor.  The Success Club will expand to Saint Albans High School in September 2013!

Success student, Connor, sponsors the success sign for Saint Albans High School!

Kanawha County Schools

Roxalana Annex

Offices for Preschool and Special Education

Dunbar, West Virginia


Respond with respect! is the sign that Kanawha County Schools specialist Vicky Mayor Brown selected for the lobby of the KCS Roxalana Annex in Dunbar. It is there on the bulletin board to greet visitors and to remind all employees of perhaps the best success strategy of all for getting along in the world!  

Fifth Grade Hallway

Alban Elementary School

Saint Albans, West Virginia


Kindness counts around here!  That's the Alban motto.  A new success sign hangs near the kindness poster in the fifth grade hallway.  Make no small plans!  That's the favorite success strategy of Alban success student, Connor. This strategy encourages dreaming big and planning big!  Thanks to Alban principal, Mrs. Bobbi Lewis, for her support of the success signs and the Success Club! 

U.S. Department of Justice

Robert C. Byrd 

United States Courthouse

Charleston, West Virginia


U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin


On February 16, 2013, Deb Austin Brown got a  letter from U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin saying he would be happy to post a success sign on the 4th floor of the federal courthouse!  Right away, Deb mailed him a success sign that reads Stand up! Stand out!


We are proud of his work to help kids make good choices-- and we applaud his Ambassadors for Justice initiative, now in its second year!  Way to make a difference, Attorney Goodwin!

U. S. Attorney Booth Goodwin

U. S. Department of Justice

Charleston, West Virginia


U. S. Attorney Booth Goodwin poses next to the success sign that he posted by the door to his office at the federal courthouse in Charleston.  Attorney Goodwin works hard in the community to help kids make better choices for a better future. We salute Attorney Goodwin for his preventative work in the community and for his Ambassadors for Justice awards program, which encourages and celebrates kids who stand up for what is right! 

The City of Saint Albans

Police and Fire Department

Saint Albans, West Virginia


Thanks to Saint Albans Mayor Dick Callaway for posting two success signs-- one at the police station and one at the fire station!  We are hoping to help the citizens of our town get back to the basics of good character.  Think about respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness, and integrity!  Then, use those traits of good character at school, at work, and in the home and neighborhood. The students in the Alban Success Club are leading the way!