Saint Albans High School                              Class of 1968

 SAVE THE DATE!  Our 5oth reunion will be September 14-15-16, 2018!  Mark your calendar now and plan to attend!                

Core Committee for Planning our 50th Class Reunion

  • Deb Austin Brown
  • Linda Taylor
  • Pam May Johnson
  • Bonnie Medley Murray
  • Patricia Hayes Miller

The Core Committee met on Aprill 25, 2017 to select a reunion date for 2018 so that classmates can plan well in advance of the reunion. We are hoping that lots and lots of our classmates will join us for our special 50th high school reunion!


Please help us find classmates!  Please scroll down and look at the list of classmates we have not yet found.  If you know the whereabouts of any of these friends, please let us know.  We need everyone's email address so that we can communicate reunion plans during the coming year.  


Please keep checking back here for forthcoming information.

September 14-15-16, 2018:  Three Days of Fun With Classmates

  • Friday evening, September 14, from 7:00 to 10:00: Classmates will gather at SAHS for an evening of reminscing and remembering.  Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.
  • Saturday evening, September 15, from 6:00 to midnight: Classmates wil gather at a local hotel for a class photograph, dinner, and dance.
  • Sunday afternoon, September 16, from 1:00 to 4:00: Classmates will gather for a catered picnic.

Gift GiveAway for Our 50th Reunion

To make our reunion even more special, we are planning to gather nice items to give away during our weekend.  We know that receiving a gift card to a restaurant may be really nice (and we will do this, too), but even more meaningful might be receiving a gift that one of our classmates has made!  Perhaps your talent is photography, wood working, floral arranging, wreath making, painting, drawing, jewelry-making, crocheting, knitting, or sewing.  Perhaps you make pottery, pillows, sculptures, baskets, or candles.  Perhaps you have written a book, poetry, or a travel guide.  Maybe you make your own lotions and herbal creams; perhaps you make your own jams and jellies.  There are so many talents and so many possibilities!  Please consider donating a handmade item to our reunion to put in our gift basket collection for giving away during  the weekend.  Maybe your company or business has something that they would be willing to donate.  Let us know as soon as possible if you will consider donating, as we are really excited about this possibility!

                   Saint Albans High School                             Saint Albans, West Virginia

SAHS Class of 1968                       47th Reunion Dinner                      June 2015


Front Row (sitting on the floor) left to right

Bob McElwain, Wayne Turley, Alice “Sissy” Hess Clagg, Linda Skeen Andresen, Terry Steele


Second Row (sitting in chairs) left to right

Johanna Light Keister, Diane Lore Lively, Elizabeth Burdette Ware, Stephanie Young Russo, Becky Drake Chandler, Brenda Rader Sheppard, John R. Dunlap, Kathy Ranson Blevins, Sarah Taylor Clark, Barbara Bailey Churton, Sharon Gober Farley, Susan Rankin Behnke, Pam May Johnson, Diane Eplin


Third Row (sitting in chairs) left to right

Donna Vansickle Dodd, Patricia Ely Burton, Linda Taylor, Patricia Hayes Miller, Debby Winnell Peters, Marsha Myers, Marijane Hale Frilen, Deb Austin Brown, Nancy Shrewsbury Terlizzi, Patricia McGehee Sargent, Bonnie Medley Murray, Roselynn Holland Rowe, Bille Sue Burrus Shulhafer, Marty Bohnert Lucas


Fourth Row (standing) left to right

Ric Neal, David Welch, Steve Samples, Rick Gilbert, Joe Ervin, Jr., Chuck Riffee, Jim Vickers, Don Joyce, Charlie Henley, Elmer Cartmill, Joe Clatworthy, Scott Schimmel, Dave Wilson, Ed Pauley, Harry Mac Grandon, Greg Hall, Mike Anderson


Back Row (standing) left to right

Bob Cochran, David Osborne, Tom Griffith, Robert Hubbard, Barry Stump, Chuck Lovejoy, Paul Allison, John D. Flowers, Brad Taylor, Danny Rooker 


"Surely it is satisfying, gratifying to have gathered together so many people

who knew each other as they knew each other, once upon a time."

- Mike Donnally


In Memoriam                        

Missing our classmates...

  • Anna Dean
  • Baron Hairston
  • Bill Ireland
  • Bob Wooten
  • Bob Zdrojewski
  • Brenda Perry
  • Bruce Holbrook
  • Charlene Lovejoy
  • Charles Starcher
  • Christina Neal
  • Connie Drumheller
  • Coraleen Shultz
  • Daniel Flowers
  • Daniel Sampson
  • Danny Rucker
  • David Bouldin
  • David Courtney
  • David Edwards
  • David Metzger
  • David Mynhier
  • Deborah Farley
  • Debbie Midkiff
  • Delores Beckwith
  • Denny Branham
  • Diana Johnson
  • Donald Nelson
  • Doug Goebel
  • Eddie Adkins
  • Earl Bannister
  • Frank Keeling
  • Fred Perkinson
  • Gary Hanson
  • Gary Hudson
  • Gene Carte
  • George Perdew
  • Gerald Gessel
  • Hobert Smith
  • Jack Neeley
  • Jack Slack
  • Jackie Robinson
  • James O'Dell
  • James Smith, Jr.


  • James Soupy Williams
  • Jay Pauley
  • Jennifer Jo Smith
  • Jerry Carbaugh
  • Joe Danford
  • Joseph Stribling
  • John A. Flowers
  • John Pearson
  • Joyce Barth
  • Judy Farley
  • Karen Blythe
  • Karen Caldwell
  • Karen Harris
  • Kathy Edwards
  • Kathy McCloy
  • Kerry Rhodes
  • Marlene Sue Gibson
  • Mary Katherine Wellman
  • Leona Larabee
  • Linda Carney
  • Linda Royer
  • Linda Staab
  • Linda Unrue
  • Michel Tenney
  • Mike Workman
  • Patrick Barker
  • Philip Ferrell
  • Robert Jacobs
  • Robert Miller
  • Robert Nicholas
  • Roger Childers
  • Ronald Richardson
  • Ronda Shaeffer
  • Shirley Burgraf
  • Steve Workman
  • Tammy May
  • Ted Petitt
  • Thomas Curry
  • Tom Lovejoy
  • Wayne Miles
  • William Bub Hardin
  • Willis McLemore

Video Tribute to Our Deceased Classmates by Joe Ervin, Jr.

Beloved Classmates from SAHS 1968
Last updated on May 17, 2017
SAHS Class of 1968 Deceased 05-17-17.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [47.7 MB]

Hometown Memories

Do you remember?

The Saint Albans Town Fair

Riding bikes and playing outside until dark

Playing kick-the-can and hide-and-go-seek

Catching lightning bugs in summer

Baseball games at Kirk, Billy Dunn, and City Park's Babe Ruth fields

Swimming at Walnut, Highlawn, and Lakewood pools

Red Dragon football games

The excitement of homecoming parades

The SAHS band, majorettes, and cheerleaders

The Junior-Senior Prom and the Winter Whirl

Driving up and down Sixth Avenue and Kanawha Terrace

Driving across the Saint Albans-Nitro Bridge

Driving around and around Shoney's parking lot to see who was there

Curb service at Shoney's and A&W

Shoney's Big Boy, strawberry pie, and hot fudge cake

Rootbeer floats at A&W

Lorobi's pizza

West Virginia style hot dogs (with chili, slaw, onions, and mustard)

Cool treats at the Dairy Queen and Tastee Freez

Movies at the Alban Theater and Valley Drive-In 

Walking the sidewalks of town

Shopping on Main Street

The creaky wooden floors in Field's Five and Dime

Fountain Cokes at Martin's Drug Store

Buying comic books and kites at the Newsstand

Buying bubble gum and candy at the Fourth Street Grocery

Our school newspaper, The Simmerings

Our school yearbook, The Dragonian

Hanging out with friends at the BBF

Friendly hometown merchants and friends

Saint Albans... there's more than one!

Saint Albans, West Virginia

Our beloved hometown.  The zip code is 25177; the population in 2010 was 11,044.


Saint Albans, Vermont

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain.  They hold the Vermont Maple Festival there each year.   The population is 6,392.  This was the site of the northernmost land action of the Civil War on October 19, 1864.  The zip code is 05479.


Saint Albans, New York

Located in Queens, 2 miles north of the JFK Airport.  Zip code is 11412.  It is home to a           railroad station, which provides rail service to Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.


Saint Albans, Maine

Located in Somerset County with a population of 2,005.  The zip code is 04971.


Saint Albans, Missouri

Located in Franklin County and features beautiful high bluffs that overlook the Missouri River.           The zip code is 63073.


Saint Albans, England

Located 22 miles north of London.


Saint Albans, Melbourne, Australia

The population is 33,511.


Saint Albans, Newfoundland, Canada

Has a population of 1,400.

Saint Albans High School: The best of the old and new!

                  The newly renovated Saint Albans High School opened in August 2003

Saint Albans High School Alma Mater

All hail to thee Saint Albans

The school we love so well

And of thy deeds victorious

With pride we'll always tell

As the years unfold before us

Our hearts will loyal be

To our dear alma mater

Saint Albans hail to thee!

Coming in 2018... our 5oth high school reunion!

Planning is already underway!

The reunion planning committee is already mapping out a plan for our upcoming reunion in 2018.  If you would like to help with the planning, please let us know!


Committes for our 50th Class Reunion

1.   Core Committee (made up of Saint Albans area classmates who planned the last reunion)

2.   Venue/Food

3.   Decorations

4.   Entertainment

5.   Program (agenda/schedule)

6.   Communication (emails/registration form/keepsake booklet)

7.   Technology (website/social media/pictures)

8.   Registration

9.   Finance/Budget

10. Phone


Expectations for All Committee Volunteers

1.   Make/follow through on a commitment to your committee

2.   Report in or come to meetings

3.   Develop committee goals

4.   Meet committee deadlines

5.   Communicate with the Core Committee

6.   Read your email each weekend to respond to Friday updates (during the last year of planning)


If you are interested in helping or serving on a committee,

please email Deb Austin Brown at  

We're looking forward to hearing from you!


We've lost touch with these classmates... please help us find them!

  • Paulette Blankenship
  • Nancy Blevins 
  • Connie Buck
  • Janet Chapman
  • Roger Compton
  • Carol Harper Copley
  • Gregory Cunningham
  • Jan Eagan Hartley
  • Annis Marie Elkins
  • Judith Facemeyer
  • Randall Fagg
  • Pamela Fields
  • Michael French
  • Thresa Grady
  • Jackie Graham 
  • Carolyn Hall
  • Robert Harris
  • Edna Harsh Whittington
  • Earlene Hawkins Hymen
  • Nancy Hawkins Sandige
  • Judy Ann Herbert
  • Donna Holdren
  • Betty Holstein
  • Allen Holt
  • Bervil Holton Miller
  • Frances Jarrett Pickens
  • Bonnie Johnson Thomson
  • Paul Johnson
  • Stephen Johnson

  • Stephen Kelly
  • Jack Kirk
  • Ann Knighton
  • Jo Webster Lacy
  • James Lewis
  • Gary Lovejoy
  • Connie Lucas
  • Diana Maclerry
  • Terry Randall Meadows
  • Deborah Parsons 
  • Mary Racer
  • Rebecca Rigney
  • Kathie Roberts
  • Carl Edward Scarberry
  • Philip K. Smith
  • Thomas Stewart
  • Martha Stricker
  • Barbara Stricklin 
  • John Watts
  • Stephen Wheeler
  • David Williams
  • Wilford Womack
  • Gary Wysong

We need your email address!

The Class of 1968 has 525 members.  So far we have found 472 of our classmates.  We still have a long way to go to ensure that everyone will be invited to our 50th class reunion!  We need your involvement!  Here's how you can help.


1.   Send us your email address if you have not already done so.

2.   Send us your new email address if your current address changes.

3.   Send us your new email address if you change jobs or retire.

4.   Send us the email addresses of other classmates.

5.   Sadly, please let us know of any classmates who have died.


You can help us locate classmates in these specific ways:

1.   If you know the city/state where a classmate lives, pass it along to us.

2.   If you know a female classmate's married name, pass it along to us. 

3.   If you know a classmate's phone number, pass it along.  Better yet, give them a call               and ask for their email address.  Then, send it along to us.


We want to find... EVERYONE!


SAHS Class of 1968 Reunion Committee: Contact Information

Send email addresses, ideas, suggestions, and questions to the Core Committee:

Deb Austin Brown

Pam May Johnson

Linda Taylor

Patricia Hayes Miller

Bonnie Medley Murray

Looking Back On Other Reunions

SAHS Class of 1968                                    40th Reunion                                              2008 

SAHS Class of 1968                                   30th Reunion                                                1998

SAHS Class of 1968                                    20th Reunion                                             1988

SAHS Class of 1968                                     10th Reunion                                             1978

Saint Albans High School continues its tradition of excellence!

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