On the Horizon!  The third book in the trilogy coming in June!

On bookshelves! On radio! On billboards! On signs around town!

First Success Scholarships Awarded!

Saint Albans High School seniors Jarred Carter and Hunter Atkins were awarded the first Saint Albans Success Scholarships on May 5, 2017.  These two remarkable students were recognized for their visionary leadership and hard work in creating and supporting the Saint Albans Success Club from 2008-2016.  Under the direction of their teacher, Deb Austin Brown, these two students inspired over 250 students at Alban Elementary, McKinley Middle, and Saint Albans High schools to participate in the service learning club.  The club motto is Dream big, work hard!  Over the course of club membership, the students made hundreds of success posters, broadcast the success strategies on V-100 radio each week for three years, made and distributed 100 success pillows, designed and posted a success strategy billboard, and designed and posted success signs around town for three different years.  The students also made indoor signs in partnership with Toyota of America to post in schools, churches, business, and government offices in and around the Saint Albans community-- teaching everyone that it is important to be both smart and good! 

New!  Compass Conversations will help you chart direction!

Five-Week Series of Character-Building Conversations: September 17 - October 15













The Saint Albans Success Club presents Compass Conversations, 

a five-week series of meaningful conversations

about the things that really matter

in charting direction for a good, successful, and happy life!


Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:30

September 17 - October 15

Saint Albans Public Library

For adults, ages 16 and up


Everyone is invited!



Conversational Lessons

  • September 17     Cultivating good character/Growing in wisdom
  • September 24     Using success strategies to achieve excellence in all things
  • October 1           Harnessing the power of goal setting
  • October 8           Learning from the world's great thinkers and leaders
  • October 15         Looking for the lessons of each new day


Conversational Format for the hour

  • Character quotes (0:03)
  • Lesson of the day (0:07)
  • Success strategies (0:05)
  • Community conversation (0:40)
  • Summary/Call to action (0:05)

St. Albans High School Students Learning The Success Strategies 

High School 101 Class Adds Success Strategies To The Curriculum


For the new 2015-2016 school year, Principal Jeff Kelley and teacher Jason Fox asked Deb Austin Brown to come as a guest speaker to teach The Success Strategies to the freshman class.  Humbled and happy, Deb said YES!


She donated books to the team of teachers teaching the course so they could use them in their daily lessons-- and they were off on the exciting journey to teach students to be smart, good, and successful in school and in life!


Three hundred freshmen gathered in the high school auditorium on September 23 for Deb's first class.  Her second class on October 7 brought Nashville songwriter and SAHS alumni, Doak Turner, to speak to the class.  All throughout the school year, Deb will continue to go back to her Alma Mater to teach the strategies that will become a compass for the students as they navigate the seas of life.


For Deb and success friend, Doak Turner, this is a dream come true! 

Success Club Logo!

Saint Albans: Community Support for Good Character!

Join Us! Get A Success Sign For Your Yard Or Storefront! 

Success Signs Dot The Community Landscape!

Billboard Is A Success Club Dream Come True!

Success Club Ceramic Tile Mosaic: An Alban Legacy

Kids Teaching Future Generations About The Success Strategies!

Made by students in the Alban Success Club of 2012


Student Letter About The Success Strategies and Success Project

Letter from success student Ryan Broderick to success teacher, Deb Austin Brown


Dear Ms. Brown,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the success strategies and opportunities that you have given to me.  It is hard for me to express into words just how much your teaching has impacted me.  I know that I am a more confident and goal-oriented person because of you.  I feel like I want to make a difference in the world and realize the importance of setting goals and trying to fulfill them.  I know that I am going to be successful when I grow up because of the foundation that you have started for me.  I know that it will be hard work, but I am ready to attack any obstacles that get in my way.  Thanks again, and wish me luck for a successful future.



(At age 11 in 2009)

Success Club Member Hits The Streets of Saint Albans

Success Club member posts

success signs around town!


Meg is a good-deed-doer! For the last six years, Meg has helped deliver the Alban Community Ink newsletter and the Success Club newsletter to businesses around town.  On a recent sunny day, Meg spent several hours posting success signs around Saint Albans to help remind citizens about the importance of good character.  Thanks, Meg, for your dedication and effort! Saint Albans is a better place because of Meg and the kids in the Success Club!

Alban Success Club Featured In Toyota's PowerTrain Magazine

Toyota's PowerTrain Magazine

January 2013 issue


Thanks to Toyota for publishing the story of the Alban Success Club's success sign campaign.  Together, we did a good thing for the community! Teamwork in any community is always the best work!